.au domain names: Hop to it!

Georgina O’Farrell

Georgina O’Farrell

So, what have we been up to with our own business admin at By George Legal this month?

Well, we’ve registered the .au for our domain name, that’s what. And we recommend that you do the same to keep your online brand under your control and to get rid of some soon-to-be superfluous letters from your online address. In our case, we’re saying hello to a streamlined bygeorgelegal.au and bye-bye to bygeorgelegal.com.au.

So, if you haven’t already, jump online and register the .au domain name corresponding to your .com.au. Both the ATO and The Australian Cyber Security Centre have issued recommendations that businesses reserve their matching .au domain name quick smart. You can read the ATO’s article here.

If you’ve got an issue with a cyber squatter or third party who has registered your domain name, stay tuned for our piece next week on your options for recovering it.

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