“Prosecco” shouldn’t become a registered geographic indication

Georgina O’Farrell

Georgina O’Farrell

The European Union is negotiating with the Australian Government for PROSECCO to be recognised in Australia as a registered geographical indication (GI).

We don’t think the Australian Government should allow this to happen. That’s because:

  1. PROSECCO is recognised internationally as a grape variety.
  2. PROSECCO is used in Australia as the name of a grape variety, and this has been the case since at least the mid-1990s.
  3. Recognising PROSECCO as a GI would be contrary to Australia’s treaty obligations.
  4. If PROSECCO were to be recognised by Australia as a GI, it would have significant and detrimental effects on Australian wine makers and grape growers involved in the production of PROSECCO wines. The grape variety has been a success story of the Australian industry over the last decade. Australian producers have invested heavily to develop the reputation of the variety with Australian consumers to the benefit of both Australian and Italian producers, but Australian producers would be significantly prejudiced if they could no longer use the name of the variety on which the reputation has been built. Even if co-existence were provided for, the registration as a GI would equip the Italian and EU governments with the ability to threaten Australian producers’ genuine use of the name as a grape variety.

Download a full copy of our submission to the Australian Government here.

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