We’re ready to take on Wimbledon!

Tali Blecher

Tali Blecher

This week we had a mindblowing Masterclass with Ben Crowe, founder of Mojo Crowe. Ben is a renowned mindset coach who is best-known for his work with Ash Barty, Dylan Alcott, Steph Gilmore and the Richmond Football Club. Fun fact: he’s also Harry’s dad.

Ben took our crew through a half-day session which, with the aid of plenty of well-timed F-bombs, helped us understand what “connection”, “purpose” and “performance” really mean. We  explored vulnerability as a strength, the power of intrinsic motivations and how we can reduce anxiety by focussing on what’s in our control.

Sounds a bit rah-rah. Wasn’t.

Ben’s presentation really cut through. There were even a few reddish eyes at the end of the session.

Thanks, Mojo Crowe!

In session with Ben Crowe


Ben (front centre) and the By George crew



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